Communications Indicator for 2 Individuals

Ci2i for Couples is an on-line survey instrument for adults in committed love relationships. It is designed to help you enhance your communications.

When people are asked, "What could use the most improvement at home or at work?” the answer is most often, "Better communication!" We created the Ci2i for Couples personal survey tool to help people communicate better within their relationships. We offer Ci2i for Couples as a FREE instrument to help discover AND then discuss, what is working well or not so well, in your relationship with one other person. Our goal is to help YOU enhance this very important relationship in your life.

Ci2i for Couples is FREE! We believe RELATIONSHIPS MATTER, in fact everything that matters in life is somehow wrapped up in our relationships! Ci2i for Couples is our way of giving back to our community in a way we believe and hope is truly useful.

Ci2i for Couples is safe and private.

Our PROMISE: All survey data is 100% private and secure. It cannot be traced to you in any way, and your email is NOT shared with any entity. In fact, all traces of it permanently evaporate because your email is used ONLY to generate one automated message with your unique Survey ID and Password. Everything within Ci2i is completely within your control.

We do ask you to consider filling in the OPTIONAL demographic information so we’ll be able to utilize aggregated demographic data in our research to improve Ci2i. We also have an anonymous “Feedback” questionnaire we hope you will fill in to help us learn and improve.

In the future, we will offer new tools for many work and family relationships and make them available in different languages and modified to meet cultural needs.  Those tools will not be free.  This one is.

Please read "What Ci2i IS and IS NOT" to learn more about our survey tool.

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